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MaGMML: Episode Zero, an interquel set between the events of MaGMML1 and MaGMML2, is a massive collaboration fangame brought to you by the team behind the MaGMML series! Play as the legendary (?) Reploid (?) Zero as he journeys through over 60 different levels from 40 different creators in a unique blend of Mega Man Classic, X, Zero, and ZX! Blast through levels with the aimable Z-Buster, the trusty Z-Saber, the long-range Z-Burst, and the wildcard Blank Drive, all backed by an expanded version of the elemental chip system from the Zero series.

This website hosts the leaderboards for the best times on each level in MaGMMLEZ, which you can access in-game as well. Click on any link on the left.

Users' recent best runs

UserLevelTypeTimeDate Performed
RaichuBR2003The Red Woodsbuster-only12:212 days ago
asdwExplosive Freefallcheat2:338 days ago
linshaoExplosive Freefallbuster-only2:2212 days ago
linshaoExplosive Freefallnormal2:2212 days ago
SparksterAbandoned Labnormal16:4219 days ago
SparksterTwilight Terracenormal9:0819 days ago
SparksterLost Valleyno-chip7:1019 days ago
SparksterLost Valleynormal7:1019 days ago
SparksterContra Baseno-chip12:2519 days ago
SparksterContra Basenormal12:2519 days ago
SparksterKingdom Crisisno-chip10:3819 days ago
SparksterKingdom Crisisnormal10:3819 days ago

Latest first-place runs

UserLevelTypeTimeDate Performed
GniefFiarVertical Hungercheat2:44a month ago
GniefFiarVertical Hungercheat2:47a month ago
GniefFiarVertical Hungercheat2:49a month ago
PineappleDerpVertical Hungerultimate3:37a month ago
GniefFiarOffshore Hangar Clustercheat1:492 months ago
GniefFiarOffshore Hangar Clustercheat1:502 months ago

Top Players

UserNormal Runs CompletedTime
1.PineappleDerp702:58:35 979 ms
2.megabanana703:13:59 650 ms
4.linshao703:40:19 789 ms
5.TheSkyknight100705:05:29 429 ms
6.mmg86705:11:47 270 ms
7.ThatOneEnder705:31:30 450 ms
8.SeesawEffect707:29:21 889 ms
9.Megstasy709:54:27 629 ms
10.Kunosachiaka7010:03:15 589 ms
11.supersmashgaming7010:24:46 560 ms
12.kitty21357011:08:38 290 ms
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